The Jar

Where would this work?

Every viscous, hard to reach, and messy product you think of can be used in Jar~with~a~Twist.

It really does solve your container problems.

You get fresher content

Standard containers enclose a lot of air or more importantly oxygen, the chemical that eats away at your content and causes a faster expiration.

In Jar~with~a~Twist, you encapsulate almost nothing but your product, therefore enclosing much less oxygen and extending the life of your product.

Measuring is easy

Jar~with~a~Twist allows you to measure exactly how much content you want.

Baking and dieting are much simpler with our twist up container.

About Us

Stephen Smith is our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and is making sure Jar~with~a~Twist is as fast to market as he is on a bike. He has degrees in Computer, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering and has contributed the most industry experience to the group. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Robotics Systems Development at Carnegie Mellon University. He has worked with companies such as Cisco and Newport News Shipbuilding; which have collectively provided him with years of experience in user interface. He was named 2011 Mr. Engineer for NC State where he helped raise $3,000 for cancer research. He also races bicycles at the local pro level, keeping him moving every day on the job.

Sean Echevarria is a Business/Product Development Associate at Motivate Design and UX Hires. On a daily basis his activities can range from following up with current clients, seeking out interesting projects to work on, and collaborating with a team of designers to brainstorm on potential R&D projects. He studied mechanical engineering at North Carolina State University, where he co-founded Jar~with~a~Twist. After a series of fortunate events that include a spot on Good Morning America, press coverage by Huffington Post, Business Insider, Fast Company, and many more, he's been able to portray himself as a true entrepreneur and has since partnered with One Better Ventures to relinquish the horrid peanut butter knuckles dilemma. They plan on replacing the stagnant jar by this time next year by adding functionality at low costs.

He plans to use this social momentum to propel both Motivate Design and himself to the top of the innovation field. He's constantly seeking great advice and mentorship from successful businesspeople and has established a great rapport with almost every person he's connected with.

If you wish to keep up with the life of an ambitious game changer please feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter, or follow his blog where he explores all that the startup and tech world has to offer in "Silicon Alley."

Michael Bissette is JwaT's Chief Innovation Officer and right-brain guide, responsible for producing and converging on any and all ideas that result in forward progress for JwaT's ride to market. He graduated from The North Carolina State University with a BS in Chemical Engineering and a Minor in Computer Programming. His past experiences include interning at Eastman Chemical Company (a major plastics manufacturer) and conducting undergraduate research under Dr. Michael Dickey in the field of polymer microfluidics, both of which have contributed to his innovative mindset. He is currently working with a high-performance engineering applications-based startup in Gastonia, NC where he works on all aspects of the business's development from ideation to sales as well as maintaining investor relations.

Spencer Vaughn is our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and is in charge of informatively producing the company’s primary financial statements. He is currently majoring in Chemical Engineering while maintaining a position as a systems engineering co-op at Rovisys, focusing on control automation. He is also a current member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).